Friday, April 25, 2008


I hate went crazy or stupid people make fun of people that are big .
A kid can cry over a person saying " you are fat ".
The word fat is not one of my favorite word .
because i am fat .so if you are , one of then making fun of people stop
I do not put up with it . i get made fun of ever day. i hate it so much . MY MOM WAST HURT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE DOING STUPID THING .



stacys1175 said...

hey kelcey girl,

I know it crazy. I love you dont forget that.

stick and stones may brake your bones but words will never hurt you. as I wrote that I was thinking thats a load of crap.(LOL)!!

lilyruth said...

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Kelcey said...

lilyruth i am so sorry i do not up date my bid bang post

Amel's Realm said...

Sorry to hear that. I don't get it why people do that to others, even though they don't like it themselves if they hear something bad about themselves.

Try to ignore them,'re GORGEOUS as you are!