Friday, November 9, 2007

2st place

I'm got 2st place at my school CR here is my essay

American Patriot

What is an American Patriot? I believe that an American Patriot is a person that loves their country and fights for our freedom. A person who obeys the Laws of the United States, and is a good citizen that helps others, that is kind, and does not destroy others property, is respectful to others, and most
of all they vote and pay taxes.

Why I am an American Patriot? I am an American Patriot because I respect the United States and obey the Laws of the United States. I love to live in my country. Living in America means I have freedom to do things that I want and say what I feel I also respect others, and I enjoy sharing my time with people and helping them.
How I am American Patriot? I am American Patriot because I am willing to give up my time to help others. For instance, my cousin broke her arm, and I offered my help by writing her homework down. I stay after school to help out my teachers, and I volunteer my help to my teachers when they need it. I have also helped out with the spay and neuter foundation for animals. I helped pass out dog food and carried the food to pet
owner’s cars of pet’s that were spayed and neutered. I also help my mom and dad out by doing things around the house. And I still manage to get good grades.
I was inspired to write this essay about being an American Patriot because my cousin is in the National Guard, and she is in training in South Carolina right now. Also my great- grandfather was in the Navy later he worked as a Viking coal miner at the Mt. Pleasant Mine. One day, there was a very serious accident at the mine. My great- grandfather and other men went back into the mine to save many other men’s lives. These two people are American Patriots to me and to our country. I look up to my cousin and my great – grandfather. They are perfect role models of American Patriotism and I will strive everyday to carry out their legacy and be the best American Patriot I can be.


stacys1175 said...

Im so happy for you I love you. mom

kasper794 said...

You did a great job. I'm proud of you.

batistafan said...

good job kels. your blog is awsome. also nice music u want to check out my blog?

Sindi said...

I read this when your mommy showed it to me. It was very good, you did a great job.